BDR Mini Pit (set of 3)

BDR Mini Pit  (set of 3)

A variety of functions in one product

The Mini Pit is designed to serve a variety of functions in one product, providing unprecedented versatility to the audiophile. The Mini Pit is a disc shaped piece approximately 47mm in diameter, and of the same construction as The Shelf.

The Pit has dimple on one side for use as a Cone cup and threaded on the other side for screwing together with the Pyramid Cones. (Refer also to Puck for description of how it may be used).

The Mini Pit can be used with a variety of BDR products. This provides the listener the opportunity to determine how best to use the product in your system, trying it in various ways. In addition, this flexibility of use may be advantageous in the future should your location or set up change.

Supplied with studs to allow attachment to Pyramid Cones.

Supplied in packs of 3, price shown is for a pack of 3 Mini Pits.

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