John Mayall - Blues Breakers (180 gram)

John Mayall - Blues Breakers (180 gram)

Decca SKL 4804
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers

John Mayall is known as the white king of black blues. His way of singing, his harmonica playing and his typical Hammond organ sound reigned supreme in the realm of the blues during the sixties and seventies. “I never made commercial compromises; everything I did, I did for myself and nobody else”, Mayall confessed – words that are as honest and credible as his music.

His singing, which he himself described as “rough but bursting with energy”, just can’t be imitated and the solo passages prove how the man grooves for himself alone, nobody else.

The sound on this recording clearly carries the stamp of the young Eric Clapton who plays here on the side line, as it were. His short sojourn with the Bluesbreakers was a training camp for the guitarist who not many years later was idolized by his fans everywhere.

The original release of this debut album is a highly sought-after and expensive collectors item whose artistic level has, according to the specialists, never been surpassed.

Recording: 1966 by Gus Dudgeon
Production: Mike Vernon

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