Musical Surroundings Nova II Phono Preamplifier

Musical Surroundings Nova II  Phono Preamplifier


"...ranking up there with some of the most expensive phonostages I've ever heard."
- Paul Seydor, TAS

Built in California, the Nova II is a battery powered phono stage with incredible flexibility and performance. Based on the discrete, dual mono circuit developed by designer Michael Yee for the SuperNova, the Nova has rear panel accessible switches for gain and loading. It features 2 rechargeable internal NiMH dual mono battery packs with Smart Sensing auto recharge feature. All AC and charging circuits automatically disconnect when listening in battery mode. The Nova features a cool proximity detection switch on the front panel with status LEDs for changing mode.

The Musical Surroundings Nova II is a complete phonograph preamplifier with RIAA equalization that amplifies the output signal of a phono cartridge, either moving coil or moving magnet, up to a nominal "line level". The Nova II may be used with a receiver or an integrated amplifier. If you use separate components, a line level control unit (preamp) is required before the power amp, since there is no independent volume control for the Nova II. The Nova's power supply is internal and connects to the wall with the supplied wall mount transformer.

Gain Switches: 40, 44, 46, 48, 50, 51.5, 52.7, 53.7, 56, 57.5, 58.4, 59.4, 60dB
Input Loading Switches: 200pF/300pF, 30, 40, 50, 59, 80, 100, 121, 150, 243, 280, 380, 475, 660, 1k, 2k, 50k, 100k Ohms
Discrete, dual mono circuitry
Dimensions: 10"W x 10 7/8"D x 3"T
Weight: 5lbs
Warranty: 3 years

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"Although Yee's designs are always very quiet and extremely transparent, this latest one is exceptionally so, ranking up there with some of the most expensive phonostages I've ever heard.
The already superb performance of the Nova II's predecessor has been made even better in the new model, which means that a super value is now a superduper one. I cannot recommend it enthusiastically enough"

- Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, October 2013.

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