Sonny Rollins - East Broadway Run Down (180 gram)

Sonny Rollins - East Broadway Run Down               (180 gram)

Impulse AS-9121
"East Broadway Run Down" - ?Sonny Rollins (ts); Freddie Hubbard (tr); Jimmy Garrison (b); Elvin Jones (dr)

It might be hard to believe – but this album bubbles and seethes from the very first minute on, even though the piano stool is empty! Tried and tested from their time with John Coltrane, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones drive the trio to the heights of their powers. Sometimes Elvin Jones appears to have four hands and four feet, while Jimmy Garrison treats the bass as though it were an oversize guitar. Right from the start the throbbing beat is forced upon Sonny Rollins’s tenor saxophone. And he takes it up with a vengeance!

"East Broadway Run Down" begins as a blues and continues in a free vein, with free forms and free modes of expression. Rollins even blows just into his mouthpiece detached from the tube and bell before plunging into a frenzied duet with Garrison. Every single of the 1235 seconds on this disc are an important part of jazz history, written on 9 May 1966.

The importance of this recording becomes further evident when one listens to the outstanding sound quality of this LP version of "East Broadway Run Down". Although produced more than 40 years ago, this album is quite rightly treasured by collectors.

Recording: May 1966 at Rudy Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., USA, by Rudy van Gelder
Production: Bob Thiele

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