Voodoo Magneto Power Cord - 1.8m

Voodoo Magneto Power Cord - 1.8m

Expanded Soundstage, Extended Bass Response, Improved Dynamic Control, Compact Design, Cryogenically Treated

If you are thinking about upgrading from stock power cords that were supplied with your components, or if you have been skeptical about the improvement that a well-designed AC powercord can do for your system, the Magneto Powercord will leave no doubt in your mind by significantly enhancing the sonic performance of any component in your system.

The Magneto Powercord is made with #12 AWG high-purity copper conductors that deliver clean, stable and quiet AC power for CD/DVD players, pre-amps, power amplifiers and receivers.

Each conductor is insulated with cross-linked polyethylene dielectric and wound in a common-mode circuit to achieve the highest capacitance with a balanced inductance field. The low-profile IEC connector also provides an easy connection to subwoofers, electrostatic speakers, and other components with difficult to reach IEC connections.

All of the wire and connectors used to build the Magneto Powercord have been cryogenically treated in a cold fusion deep-immersion process to structurally align and fuse the molecular bond in the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance.

The cord body is sheathed with abrasion resistant mesh sleeving over a polyethylene jacket for optimal flexibility and long-life durability.

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