SRM/Tech Silicone Platter Mat

SRM/Tech Silicone Platter Mat

The Silicone platter mat is ideal for people looking for more damping than that afforded by felt mats
*Please note: The latest shipment of SRM Silicone Mats are white instead of the pictured grey.

Manufactured in 2mm thick grey silicone, this mat is not like old style hard rubber mats - silicone is very pliable and 'floppy', so it almost clings to the platter and LP surface, giving great damping where it's most needed. It is not sticky though, so dust particles will not embed themselves into the surface. Diameter is 295mm and weight is 162g.

Well over 700 of these mats have been sold now, and all the feedback has been very positive. They are currently in use on: LP12, Axis, Basik, VPI, Mantra, AR, Thorens, NAD, Garrard, Dual, Logic, Rega, Project, Roksan, Systemdek, Technics, Micro Seiki, Pink Triangle & many others.


'The silicone mat looks much better (than the felt mat), fitting the alloy platter on the LP12 to a tee. It's about the same thickness as a felt mat which means that the arm height doesn't need to be adjusted. It also feels much more solid under the record, seeming to support it better, something also reflected in the sound. I felt my records gained in weight, detail and balance and actually found myself turning them up as a result, because they seemed more even and listenable. There also seemed to be an effect on surface noise which seemed more detached and less intrusive, and the faint tracking roar which seems to come through on some quiet passages seemed to have disappeared. All in all a worthwhile cost-effective upgrade. ' Pete F. (UK)

'I did some testing with the silicone platter mat on a Thorens TD125 / SME3012 / Ortofon SPU and the results are astonishing - a much more stable image than with the felt mat, it sounds better to my taste than a ******* (well known card and cork mat) on this combination and it is more comfortable to use as when the records are a little bit static, the mat does not stick on the LP when you remove the disc'. Eric B. (Belgium)

' Excellent upgrade heartily recommended! ' P.W. (UK) LP12 Owner

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