SRM/Tech Linn Quality Enhancement Kit

SRM/Tech Linn Quality Enhancement Kit

This is SRM/TECH’s very effective Sound Quality Enhancement kit for the excellent Linn LP12 turntable, which is guaranteed to significantly improve the sound quality of this superb record deck

The components take around 5 minutes to fit, there is no gluing required and they will come straight off again with no marks, should you wish them to. They will not, in any way, affect the manufacturer's warranty.
The kit is designed to reduce motor noise, bearing rumble and platter 'ring' to provide quieter, more detailed reproduction, and comprises:

1. Platter Damping Ring (Peripheral wave trap). Designed specifically for this deck - 19mm deep to fit Linn platter perfectly. This absorbs vibrations / resonances in the platter and enhances rotational stability.

2. Motor Vibration Absorber (MVA). Fits tightly round the casing of the motor to reduce vibration which would otherwise be transmitted to the plinth or (via the belt) to the sub-platter. Shown in picture 1.

3. Bearing Damping Rings (BDR). Supplied as a pair, these fit around the main bearing housing, effectively absorbing any vibration / resonances generated within the bearing, which would otherwise be transmitted into the subchassis via the housing or (even worse) into the subplatter via the spindle.

All three damping devices are manufactured from a particular type and grade of synthetic polymer, specifically chosen for its damping properties at the frequencies that cause problems within LP replay systems.
The kit comes with comprehensive instructions, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the sound quality improvement.

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