Tidal Audio Impulse Amplifier

Tidal Audio Impulse Amplifier

The Impulse results from the uncompromising implementation of our most basic requirement: pure amplification of the musical signal without adding any sonic colour or concealing even the smallest of detail. Phone: 0414 755 960

The idea behind the construction of the TIDAL Impulse was to continue the way the formerly model TIDAL Impact started: to settle, once and for all, the discussion over tube versus solid state amplifiers.

And so, we are at a loss trying to depict the amplifiers sound in usual terms, it is neutral vice versa natural, such as a glass of pure water. The Impulse is one of a very small and select group of amplifiers that do not feature any of the sonic attributes that can commonly be identified with either tube amps or solid state gear. A true state of the art stereo power amplifier.


- dual mono reference power amplifier, fully autarcic working mono amplification stages

- regulated active power supply with 2 x 800VA non-noise toriod transformers, completetly magnetical shielded and mechanical decoupled

- linear voltage power supply for ripple-free voltage and current stabilization for the two amplifier modules

- 350.000 µF stabilisation capacity, ultra fast response with high-grade-long-life-capacitors

- elimination of deleterious resonances by all massive aluminum parts and braces inside, excellent torsional and longitudinal rigidity

- in-house made multilayer PCB (printed circuit board) with 105 µm copper per layer

- hand selected transistors, measured and matched with a precision better than 1%

- DC-coupled input circuit, without coupling capacitors or relay in the signal path from the input to the output

- no relay in the signal way from XLR input to speaker output

- ultra-low impedance capacitors directly at the transistors for most shortest connection

- TIDAL proprietary APM system (amplifier protection management) is completely outside of the signal path

- TIDAL APM System is an isolated and completely autarkic system to manage and control the power amps safety: output current in relation to output-voltage, short circuit current, DC- offset, under-voltage und excess voltage

- Optional: fully autarcic working active crossover LPX-monomodule for active amping to control the bass section of TIDAL reference speakers, perfectly matched in phase and frequency, different frequencies and level adjustable to trim bass response perfectly to each room and/or taste

- intelligent softstart system, remote power on/off by TIDAL pre amplifiers via RJ45 ethernet cable

- rated power output at 8 ohm: 2 x 190 watts continuous rms power

- power output at 4 ohm: 2 x 360 watts continuous rms power

- rated power output at 2 ohm: 2 x 680 watts continuous rms power

- rated power output < 2 ohm: more than 2 x 700 watts continuous rms power

- bandwith: 1Hz - 400 kHz (-3 dB), measured with impedance load

- dimensions: 17.3" x 10" x 17,3" / 44 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm

- power consumption: < 1 W in stand-by mode

- amplification bandwidth: wider than the highest resolution sources

- damping factor: ideal damping factor for life like music reproduction, perfectly even over the whole

Tidal Audio
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