J.J. Inc. - J.J. Johnson Sextet (180gram)

J.J. Inc. - J.J. Johnson Sextet (180gram)

"J.J. Inc." - J.J. Johnson (tb); Clifford Jordan (ts); Freddy Hubbard (tp); Cedar Walton (p); Arthur Harper (b), Albert Heath (dr)

?He was a shining example for many European modern-jazz trombonists: J. J. Johnson, the man from Indianapolis, and the swinging half of the pair Jay and Kai. (Kai Winding was the white guy with the “cool” sound.) On this Columbia LP, recorded in August 1960, we can experience J. J. in three ways – as a soloist, composer, and arranger. To this is added a superbly well-rehearsed combo consisting of Freddie Hubbard, Clifford Jordan and one of the very best rhythm groups of late hard bop: Cedar Walton, Arthur Harper, and Albert Heath on the drums.
Thanks to having performed the works over the previous eight months in concerts before the recording, all the works sound wonderfully homogeneous, and the improvisations never once become stereotyped. The theme tune of "In Walked Horace" well illustrates Jay Jay’s musical background, which lies somewhere between Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell and Horace Silver.
On the reverse side of the LP cover, J. J. Johnson describes his feelings during the recording session: »Wow! What a pleasure!« And the listener will certainly go along with that for the whole length of the LP!

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head. All royalties and mechanical rights have been paid.

Recording: August 1960 in New York
Production: Teo Macero

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