Uncompressed World Vol 1 - Instrumentals

Uncompressed World Vol 1 - Instrumentals

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Accustic Arts of Germany has produced this superb sounding 13 track audiophile CD spotlighting the sounds of different instruments

These experts rarely in the spotlight preferring the dim lights of their studios over the hype and publicity that dominates the music world today, yet it is these people and their production/recording knowledge, experience and skills which are the true basis of any outstanding piece of music. Putting emphasis and focus on these masterminds of music is also the basic idea of the first in the series, UNCOMPRESSED WORLD.

The detailed and high quality large format booklet offers a look behind the scenes. The produces and engineers themselves get a word describing the production technology they use as well as providing same background information on the referring songs.

With the first release of UNCOMPRESSED WORLD the focus lays on instrumental songs. All songs have been recorded within the last 20 years and have been selected in several auditions and listening sessions. The styles include World Music, New Age and Jazz.

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