Allnic H-3000 Phono Stage

Allnic H-3000 Phono Stage

Pure Class A operation
" will be a hard phono preamp to beat." - Dagogo

Highly crafted, Permalloy output transformers, point to point wiring, tube rectification, multi gain step up transformers, resistive loading, 4 inputs, NOS tubes, CNC milled aluminium chassis, silicon filled tube sockets to combat pesky micro phonics and the list goes on. Lasting quality, beautiful to behold with a very much admired sonic presentation, THIS IS THE PHONO STAGE TO BUY!

The H-3000 has the following features:

- LCR TYPE RIAA EQUALIZATION - RIAA equalization is a specification for the correct playback of vinyl records, established by the Recording Industry Association of America. The purpose of the equalization is to permit longer playback times and improve sound quality.

RIAA equalization is a form of establishing a flat frequency response for the playback of recorded music. The necessity for this equalization process arises from mechanical difficulties inherent in record production. In order to prevent the cutting needle from over-cutting into the next record groove in the bass, as a record is cut, some bass frequencies are attenuated. In the treble region, in order for high frequency sounds not to be masked by the noise inherent in moving a stylus over and through a modulated vinyl surface, some treble frequencies are boosted. With the application of the correct filtering techniques on playback, the result is a flat frequency response with better signal to noise ratios.
- The H-3000 Phono Stage is all transformer coupled.
- No negative feedback design with only two gain stages
- For superior signal to noise ratios, the H-3000 is equipped with pure vacuum tube, high speed, automatic voltage regulation for each channel and a power supply unit separate from the phono stage itself.
- High quality MC Step-up Transformers with Permalloy cores are used for the H-3000’s dual MC inputs.
- New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes.


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