Allnic L-1500 Line Stage Preamplifier

Allnic L-1500 Line Stage Preamplifier

"...the L1500 operates in an exclusive league that used to be the domain of the “price no object” preamp." - Phillip Holmes, Dagogo.

One of the sleepers in the Allnic line up is the unremarkable looking but extraordinary performing ALLNIC L-1500 PREAMPLIFIER. Shared features trickled down from the L-5000 and L-3000 line stages include a 41 Silver Stepped motorized remote attenuator, custom Permalloy wound output transformers, remote control, NOS Mullard, GE and RCA tubes. To connect your components we offer both 2 XLR and 3 Single ended inputs and a XLR and SE output for Biamp applications. Phase reversal is also included on the rear panel.

The L-1500 has the following features:

Single gain stage
– A single gain stage circuit uses only one tube for amplification (“gain”). This reproduces a purer, more detailed, more spacious and more dynamic sound than multi gain stages.
Line output transformer coupling - Allnic Audio manufactures its own transformers and uses what it views to be the best core material, Permalloy. Allnic Audio's unprecedented, wide (16Hz - 75kHz, -3db), low distortional, and ultra-flexible (up to 50kHz square wave response) output transformer helps Allnic Audio to realize the ideal transformer coupled preamplifier. Gain tubes are also carefully selected for three critical factors for function with the Permalloy core output transformers: high gm, low internal resistance and high mu.
Constant and low output impedance – One of the benefits of transformer coupling is that it facilitates constant low output impedance. Low output impedance is critical to the design of a good preamplifier. The L-1500 has a150 ohm (150O) constant output impedance at all frequencies.
Advanced tube technology voltage regulation - For quieter and more dynamic operation, the L-1500 has an ultra-high speed automatic voltage regulation circuit, utilizing vacuum tubes. This also protects the amplifying tubes from change in the AC line supply and copes with any abrupt, internal current demand.
New vacuum tube damping technology – Allnic Audio’s patented "Absorb GEL tube damper" technology prevents harmful vibrations from reaching the signal / gain tubes and, therefore, prevents micro-phonic noise propagation in the tubes.
Precision attenuator volume control – The L-1500 does not employ a digital IC volume control or a low-cost carbon film volume control with a motor. Allnic Audio has developed a precision oil clutched motorized attenuator; the L-1500 has no (± 0db) channel unbalance at any volume level.


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