Bel Canto Design e.One REF500S Balanced Stereo Amplifier

Bel Canto Design e.One REF500S Balanced Stereo Amplifier

The REF500S provides high power in a compact stereo chassis. It delivers 121dB dynamic range and 200 watts into 8 ohms, doubling to 400 watts into 4 ohms. The combination of fully-regulated switch-mode power supplies and analog control circuitry brings great dynamic expression to your music.

Bel Canto’s e.One switching amplification imparts many advantages including low noise, low heat and low power consumption. It’s also the most direct way to convert electrical power into music. The entire music signal is delivered to the loudspeaker efficiently without excess energy wasted as heat. The compact, heavy gauge, all-steel chassis prevents micro-phonic noise from corrupting the audio signal and brings music to life with extraordinary nuance and power.

The REF500S includes a custom input stage that uses the latest advanced amplifiers and passive components including: Caddock resistors, Solid Electrolytic ultra-low ESR decoupling capacitors and low noise regulated power supplies. The combination of Bel Canto’s input and power circuitry bring layers of information out from the black background and ensure that the full dynamic expression of your music is clearly present.

The REF500S provides unprecedented power and quality in a compact chassis design. When combined with a Bel Canto DAC you can build the electronics heart of a high power system in the space usually taken by a small integrated amplifier. The elegant switching output stage eliminates thermal distortion mechanisms caused by changes in operating temperature. You’ll experience breathtaking truth in signal amplification that is life-like in its dynamic detail and resolution.

Green, low-heat, ultra-efficient heavily regulated switch-mode power supplies and switching output stage make possible Bel Canto’s eco-friendly compact designs; place two Bel Canto e.One products in the space formerly occupied by a large, hot-running, inefficient class-A design!

Bel Canto music products are fine instruments, discrete and sleek enough to flatter any room while delivering music with subtle impact and beauty.


Maximum Power Output: 500W 4 ohms, 250W 8 ohms per channel

Power Output 1% THD: 400W 4 ohms, 200W 8 ohms per channel

Minimum Load: 3 ohms per channel

Peak Output Current: 35 amperes per channel

Frequency Response: +/-3 dB 1.5Hz-70KHz, all loads

THD+N: 0.003% 1W, 1KHz, 4 ohms

IMD (CCIF): 0.0003%, 1W, 14:15KHz, 4 ohms

Output noise: 35uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz

Voltage gain: 27dB (single ended or balanced input)

Damping factor: >1000

Output Impedance at 100Hz: <8 milliohms

Dynamic Range: 121dB

Input Voltage for Max Output: 2Vrms

Input connections: Single-ended RCA or balanced XLR

RCA input impedance: 100Kohms

Balanced input impedance: 200Kohms

Output connections: 2-sets WBT Nextgen 5-way binding posts

Power On usage: 19W

Power Off usage: 0.0W

Internally Set Operating Voltages:
100-120VAC or 230-240VAC 50/60 Hz

Size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 12[inches], 216 x 88 x 305[mm] (WxHxD)

Weight: 15 lbs, 7 Kg

Features and specifications are subject to improvements and changes without prior notice.

Also available in Black

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