Clearaudio Cartridge Break-In Test Record

Clearaudio Cartridge Break-In Test  Record

A pickup system requires a certain settling time to achieve the best rendering properties. This break-in period depends on the respective pickups - from construction and of the sampled signals during this time. In general, the usual break-in period of a pickup with a music signal is about 40 to 100 hours. This settling time can be shortened significantly, however, when pink noise is used in an endless groove as a signal.

To this end, Clearaudio has their " Cartridge Break In Record" a total of 6 continuous grooves with pink noise signal (tracks 5,6,7,9,10 and 11). In addition, 240 seconds of pink noise signals are provided for measurements of the entire reproduction system available (Track 14).

To test the frequency response of a pickup, there is a moving (sweep) sine test signal of 20 Hz to 20 kHz (track 3). The overall sound of the playback system can be checked with an empty groove without signal "silence" ( Track 4 and 13) (duration 300 seconds).

Optimization of the anti-skating force adjustment on Tracks 8 and 12. Both channels include a 316 Hz sine-wave with continuously changing phase difference from 0 to 360 degrees . In this way, the sample diamond movement repeatedly changes from horizontal to vertical movement. The amplitude increases from -22 dB to + 8dB , which corresponds to a maximum speed of 9.81 cm / s or an amplitude of 5o micron tip horizontally or vertically.

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