Essence of Music

Essence of Music

Essence of Music significantly lowers the digital noise floor, reduces laser timing induced jitter from light scatter and bi-refraction, improves transparency, and the surface smoothness and reflectivity of the disc, resulting in greater micro-detail recovery.

Ten years research and development experience has resulted in Essence of Music’s safe and unique chemistry. Essence of Music is the first comprehensive product of its kind based upon and supported by sound science!

Essence of Music is a ‘green’ product containing no hazardous substances per CERCLA or REACH. It is readily biodegradable and can be shipped virtually anywhere worldwide.

The product was not designed to colorized or romanticize digital sound, but to simply retrieve the digital data from the disc uncorrupted. The error correction circuitry in the player is less needed/utilized, reducing the power requirements to drive the circuit; more power becomes available, increasing the efficiency in the circuit; greater dynamics (dynamic contrast) results.


"The effects of applying the Essence of Music to the playing surface of 6 CD's... include increased resolution, increased dynamic range, greater depth, an increase in fullness in the sound of instruments, and changes in instrument texture..." Roy Harris - Audiophilia, August 28, 2014

"There was no contest between treated and untreated CDs. The Essence treatment lent detail, dynamics, and a very impressive sense of presence to the sound... the treated CDs when ripped to the raid sound much better than do the initial rip. I must admit that since the initial rip was (bit) perfect, I cannot understand how the new rip could be any better, but it is..." Norm Luttbeg - Stereo Times, Apr 20, 2014

"My preferred cleaning solution is called Essence of Music; it always maximizes the readability of the CD, and sounds great, too. Feel free to use your favorite cleaning product, but it’s important to clean any CD, even a brand new one, before ripping it." Vade Forrester - The Absolute Sound, May 9, 2014

"I tried this on a few of my favourite discs. This product has a significant effect on sonics. In summary, there is an increase in clarity, low level resolution, and improvement in body and tonal density. Music ends up being delivered with a musical fluidity that is at the same time effortless and resolving. I greatly preferred my discs post treatment." Eric's HiFi Blog - Singapore, May 17, 2014

"... I had already heard the improvement that this nano-coating technology gives in my system as well as another, but I again heard more sense of the recording environment, such as reverberations off the studio wall. decay of notes, and noises of the performers. The soundstage improved enormously and the timbre of the instruments was right on." Norm Luttbeg - Stereo Times, CES 2014 Show Report

Essence of Music
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