fo.Q AB-4045 Audio Board

fo.Q AB-4045 Audio Board

fo.Q’s audio board features a multilayer structure consisting of organic polymer hybrid vibration damping sheets, advanced hybrid ceramics, and wood.

The board dampens minute undesirable vibrations in audio and visual equipment and external vibrations, making it possible to use the board not only as a base for amplifiers, CD, DVD, and record players, projectors, and other audiovisual equipment, but also as a base for medium- and small-sized speakers.
The 20mm thickness and 4.2 kg weight allow it to be easily handled, making the board ideal for use in the middle section of an audio rack.

Available in Red or Black finish

Precautions on usage

·Handle with care. Damage can result to the paint finish if the product is used as a spike base, if it is dragged across the floor, or if it comes in contact with a hard object. ·Due to its construction, there are no differences between the front and back of the product.

·The adhesive damping spacers included with the product may be used to adjust the point of contact between the board and the floor by attaching the spacers at three or four places on the board. The spacers may also be attached to audio racks and peripheral equipment.

Why do fo.Q products improve the sound?

This is because new materials that are used are designed for use in audio applications. fo.Q products offer three significant features, described below.

Feature 1
The vibration-damping materials used in fo.Q products have been newly developed. First, they convert vibrations into electrical energy, and then they turn the resulting current into heat. This absorbs vibrations extremely effectively. As a result, these materials offer outstanding performance compared to conventional damping materials and vibration-suppressing materials such as rubber and heavy metals. When used in audio equipment, they are far more effective at adjusting sound quality than anything available to date.

Feature 2
fo.Q products don't produce the characteristic sound that conventional damping and vibration-suppressing materials would generate. Rubber and heavy metals don’t completely absorb vibration, and the remaining energy creates other vibrations, which are audible as sound. fo.Q products have none of this peculiar sound, instead producing clear, pure sound.

Feature 3
The damping materials used in fo.Q products are designed specifically for audio applications. The damping effect has been verified to extend over a broader frequency range than with earlier damping and vibration-suppressing materials. Moreover, a noteworthy feature is that the materials effectively absorb tiny vibrations that other damping and vibration-suppressing materials are not able to eliminate. This prevents subtle signals from being negated, and overwhelmingly increases the amount of accessible sound information. For instance, the violin voice not only conveys the sound of the strings, but the resonance of the instrument body as well, while with the flute voice, the listener can virtually hear the sound of the performer breathing.

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Product specifications

Size 450(W)× 400(D)× 20(H)mm
Weight 4.2kg
Load Resistance 100kg
Accessories 65mmF adhesive damping spacer 5 pieces

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