fo.Q Analog Record Player Components

fo.Q Analog Record Player Components

The fo.Q Analog Record Player Components’ pack is composed of 2 semi rigid turntable mats of different thicknesses (1 mm and 2 mm) possessing smooth surface properties using the latest molding technologies.

The pack also contains thin adjustment tape (adhesive sheet at about 0.5 mm thick) for the cartridge, head shell and pickup arm.
Enjoy full flexibility in how you use it!
Your ingenuity and skills can locate the perfect performance mode, evolving a wonderful world of music sensation before your eyes. Discover the amazingly rich world of music information carved into record sound grooves, that you have never experienced before.

Examples of Adjustment Methods

1. Cartridge
Cartridges vary in many ways, including type, shape, material, and size. Cut the seal to the desired size using scissors or other cutting implement, then adhere it to the surface of the cartridge case as shown in the figure to the right. Don't stick all of the adjusting tape onto the cartridge at once. Instead, we recommend first sticking the minimum necessary amount to the front of the cartridge, followed by the sides, top, and bottom, checking the sound with your own ears, and searching for the best amounts and locations for the tape. If the sound becomes too constricted, remove the adjusting tape from the appropriate locations until you have found the best spots for your audio enjoyment.

2. Head Shell

Try cutting an appropriate length of adjusting tape and sticking it to the top of the head shell. The optimum amount of tape will vary depending on the material, shape, and size of the head shell, so you should adjust the amount while listening to the audio.

3.Pickup Arm
Adhere the seal to the center or bottom of the pickup arm.

Product specifications

Size and Contents 2 kinds of 290mm diameter turntable mats
(2mm thickness / 1mm thickness adjustment mat)
adjustment tape (adhesive sheet at about 0.5 mm thick)
for the cartridge, head shell and pickup arm.

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