GEM Dandy Gro0ove Lube Kit

GEM Dandy Gro0ove Lube Kit

The Difference is Stunning!
Unmasks hidden detail...Improves image coherency... Promotes LP longevity ...Improves stylus life

GroOove Lube completely quells the slip stick phenomenon that occurs when two surfaces slide together. This will increase the micro level detail and reduce vinyl friction distortion leading to vast improvement in reproduction quality. Test it for yourself, listen to a cut then treat it with GroOove Lube & listen again.


The reduction in friction will also add many plays to the life of the LP. To prove the preservation and anti-wear qualities of Gro0ove Lube a used LP ( James Taylor JT) was purchased from the Goodwill store. This LP was cleaned twice (it was very dirty) on the GEM Dandy cleaner then treated with GroOove Lube. The LP has endured over 500 plays with no degradation in sound quality. The surface is still noise free. The stylus shows no wear.
Kit contains GroOove Lube, applicator brush and buffing pad.

GEM Dandy
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