GigaWatt PC-1 EVO Power Conditioner with LC-1 Mk 3 cable

GigaWatt PC-1 EVO Power Conditioner with LC-1 Mk 3 cable

Designed and manufactured in Europe. Complete with high quality power cord.

One only, Silver AU sockets

GigaWatt PC-1 is the basic conditioner in the GigaWatt line of products, designed as an element of effective protection, filtering and power distribution for audio and video systems.

This conditioner is the newest construction based on proven technologies taken from the top GigaWatt products. The PC-1 was designed mainly to power budget audio and video systems. Despite being the cheapest power conditioner in the GigaWatt line, it is also recommended for powering all high class devices used as sources of audio and video signals or display devices. The PC-1 proves itself especially well in combination with new generation projectors, monitors, TVs (LCD and plasma) as well as high end audio components.

Inside the conditioner, two branches of filtering circuits are used. The first one is a high current, passive noise filter. The second one is a galvanic separation circuit, based on a big, ultra-separation transformer with a multilayer shield. The function of the filter is supported by a buffer circuit, used to increase the current output of the conditioner with non-linear loads (like power amplifiers) and to decrease the difference between power on input and output. Modern construction of the PC-1 is free from elements used traditionally as protection, like thermal and blow fuses.

The conditioner is equipped with four outputs: two filtered, separated and symmetrized outputs with 800W power and two filtered high current outputs with 2400W power. All conditioner outputs use high quality Schuko type socket with silver plated connectors. These sockets are manufactured to GigaWatt exclusive specification. The connectors are factory silver plated without using ferromagnetic materials. In addition, the connectors have been cryogenically treated and de-magnetized.

A standard accessory of the conditioner is the high quality, shielded power cable GigaWatt LC-1 (MK2) with 1.5m length. The conditioner is available in 2 colors of the anodized front panel, made from brushed aviation-grade aluminum – silver or black.

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