Helius Designs Scorpio 4 Tonearm

Helius Designs Scorpio 4 Tonearm

Superior performance tonearm in both 9” and 10” models.

The Helius Designs name has been associated with quality tonearms for many years, built by a physicist and engineering graduate who is also a music lover.
The Scorpio 4 is Helius Designs' new entry level tonearm, a medium-mass offering with a bearing assembly which is significantly better than anything else on the market in the same category, enabling Scorpio 4 to out-perform similarly priced rivals.
It is available in both 9” and 10” versions and uses single strand wire in either pure copper or pure silver.
Scorpio 4 employs identical geometry to the Aurora and Omega models of the same length, so future upgrades are an easy transition.

9" Scorpio 4 with pure copper wire $950.00
9" Scorpio 4 with silver Litz wire $1230.00

10" Scorpio 4 with copper wire $1100.00
10" Scorpio 4 with silver wire $1350.00

"The Scorpio produces good solid bass, and a warm natural mid-bass and midrange. It’s nicely detailed and never sounds bright or etched. The top end is very natural and not at all hot”
Jack Roberts- dagogo.com

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Helius Designs
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