IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolators (Set of 4)

IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolators (Set of 4)

Suitable for speakers weighing up to 32kg
Two sets required for a pair of speakers

Crafted with the vision of providing extraordinary acoustic performance, the GAIA III is the union of aesthetic visual design and acoustic engineering. Compatible with floor standing speaker weighing less than 32kg, this small compact design delivers unbelievable acoustic isolation that will bring out a clarity and openness from your speaker you’ve never heard. The GAIA III comes with three different thread sizes: M8, M6 and ¼-20.

Adapter Studs are available to suit your speakers. Please visit the IsoAcoustics Calculator
Price: $38 (Set of 4} You will require 2 sets for a pair of speakers.
Order your alternative GAIA III Studs here

* NOTE – This is for one set of 4 isolators – for a set of speakers you will need 2 sets

View the GAIA installation video here

For more information please visit the IsoAcoustics website

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