Kemp Elektroniks QA Plug

Kemp Elektroniks QA Plug

Quantum Approach Plug

- Shunt device, no dynamic losses possible
- Uses Quantum Resonance Theory (QRT)
- Two circuits, (LF and HF) using separate power supplies
- Adjustable intensity
- Potted in resin to prevent microphonic effects
- Can be combined without any problems with any audio mains related products
- Multiple QA PLUGS intensify the effect
- Simple ‘plug & play’ installation

The QA PLUG is the result of countless hours of research, testing and listening. The basic principle comes from Quantum Resonance Theory which was developed in the 80s by Coherent Technologies. In those days, computer monitors radiated substantial amounts of EMI and RFI which impaired the health of electro-sensitive workers. Coherent Technologies was the first to come up with a device that effectively reduced this problem. A few manufacturers of audio accessories later discovered that this technology also could be used for audio/video purposes.

Kemp Elektroniks took several years to modify the original QRT module in such a way that the effect on perceived sound did meet their goals. Inside the QA PLUG are two electronic circuits, a low frequency and a high frequency (QRT) circuit. The QA PLUG uses a small amount of energy from the mains to generate a rather complex pattern of electromagnetic waves that eliminate or at least diminish the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution which is always present in our environment.

The result is a more pleasant ‘analog’ sound and picture. Low frequencies will be richer, deeper and have more structure. The midrange will have a clearly more natural timbre. The picture quality will be sharper with more contrasts and richer colors. It nearly sounds like the musicians are actually playing in your listening room!

The best location for a QA PLUG is the mains distribution block of your A/V set. The QA PLUG is sensitive to its orientation - you can estimate this by means of listening. The QA PLUG is equipped with an intensity control to adjust the effect to your preference. If you find the effect too strong you can also install it in a wall outlet further away from the A/V system. The QA PLUG has an attenuator to adjust the strength of the effect, so the plug can simply stay in your mains distribution block.

Most people seem to prefer a setting around 3/4 of maximum. After installation of the QA PLUG it takes 30 to 60 minutes to achieve the best results.

Kemp Elektroniks
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