Kemp Elektroniks SR Plug

Kemp Elektroniks SR Plug

Schumann Resonance Plug

Quick Overview

- Shunt device, no dynamic restriction possible
- Generates a new 7.83 cycles per second Schumann resonance
- Adjustable intensity
- At maximum level, Schumann overtones are also generated
- WA-Quantum and Creaktiv Systems Chips internal
- Potted in Akiko Audio Tuning mix (minirals) and a resin to prevent microphonic effects
- 8 ft. (2,5 m) wire antenna, aailble in black or white
- Can be combined with all other mains related products
- Multiple SR PLUGS intensify the effect
- Simple 'plug and play' installation

Greater involvement in sound & vision

Truly new visions and products can only emerge by leaving the beaten track. For audio/video products this is definitely not the most common and easy way. Revolutionary technology rarely comes from the marketing department either. At KE this is the result from deep knowledge, thorough development and the strong ambition to develop unique products with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The convincing proof that this approach can lead to some very remarkable products can be found in KE's SR PLUG and QA PLUG. Different and unusual for sure, but by no means less effective. Just follow your eyes and ears. The improvement in sound and picture quality is impossible to miss.

What is the Schumann Resonance?

In 1952, the German physicist Wilfried Otto Schumann discovered that the cavity between the earth and ionosphere acts as an electromagnetic resonant cavity. Energized by electrical discharges (lightning), very low frequency resonances are created around the earth. The lowest frequency (the fundamental) has a frequency of only 7,83 Hz which corresponds with a wavelength of 38,000 km/24,000 miles (the circumference of the earth is about 40,000 km/25,000 miles).

The ionosphere protects us against harmful radiation from the sun and from out of space, there are indications that the so-called Schumann Resonance plays a role in this. On the earth, mankind is creating more and more high frequency radiation. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) will pollute your A/V set and, according to some, also your listening room and your body.

What does it do?

The newly generated 7,83 Hz wave by the SCHUMANN RESONANCE PLUG will counteract the effects of this radiation. With the SR PLUG, you will notice a clearer sound with a richer timbre, more detail, a deeper soundstage and a more powerful and dynamic sound.

The SR PLUG relies on a fully different principle than all other mains related products. Thus, the SR PLUG cannot degrade the effect of other products. On the contrary, the positive effects do enhance each other.

Where to install?

For best results, we advise to position the wire antenna vertically in the middle between your loudspeakers. The most practical way to do so is to attach the antenna to the wall behind them.

The SR PLUG is sensitive to its orientation. You can estimate this through listening. Under most circumstances, the middle position of the level adjuster is the most pleasant one, but feel free to turn it up a little more, in which case you'll hear more detail and precision. However, you may notice a slight decrease in timbre, but this will mainly depend on the set used, the listening room and your personal preferences.


"The sonic benefits of adding the Kemp SR plug(s) into my listening space were immediate and obvious. With the RR-77 still powered up, I could easily hear greater three-dimensionality placing a single Kemp SR plug directly center, between my Sunny loudspeakers. Yes, all the accolades formerly applied to the RR-77s were applicable to the SR plug. A greater sense of air and bloom seemed to surround instruments. The acoustic space of each recording also made itself more apparent making the leap of faith of "being transported to the recording" that much more believable."
- Clement Perry,

"In conclusion, I am in total concurrence with CP's review. I also agree with Mr. Kemps brochure that the SR Plugs "provide a richer more detailed and holographic sonic experience." Switching them out to conduct a quick A/B was very easy by simply unplugging them. Immediately, upon doing this, I noticed a less dimensional stage with images stuck more to the physical plane of my loudspeakers."
- Dennis Parham,

Watch a short 'You Tube' Schumann Resonance intro here

Watch this unmissable documentary here

Kemp Elektroniks
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