Micromega WM-10 Airstream

Micromega WM-10 Airstream

Stream your music wirelessly to your playback system with Micromega's wonderful WM-10

It’s a changing world and it’s always been Micromega’s aim to be at the forefront of technology. Bearing this in mind we decided to provide a musical response to those audiophiles keen on keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology by enabling them to listen to musical files on their computers and still enjoy the same sound quality as on traditional supports, hence the development of the WHiFI system and the AirStream concept.

WHiFI® uses WI-Fi 802.11n technology dedicated to musical reproduction. This is the most advanced wireless technology, allowing extremely fast data transfer rates to ensure faithful reproduction of the entire musical message.

Also, with this type of connection, the sound reproduction system is isolated electrically from the computer on which the music content is stored, thus eliminating the problem of interference commonly associated with computer functioning. AirStream uses the WHiFI system and largely contributes to improving it with the aim of providing very high quality musical reproduction.

Micromega has over 25 years of experience in the field of high-end digital reproduction and has worked on several developments to make the best possible use of this new technology. Improvements have been made in terms of power supply quality, stricter temporal control of digital data transfer and better digital analog conversion.


"Audiophiles who particularly value resolution, smoothness and ease of use, will like the WM-10. It performs admirably and allows a user interface that can change the way you listen to music."
- Tom Martin, AV Guide.

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