Rega Fono Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

Rega Fono Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

The Rega Fono MM is a high quality discrete component phono preamplifier.

Like the Ear, the new Fono benefits from an all new extruded aluminium case and new styling giving it more of a family feel, to match its illustrious big brothers.

The Fono simply connects to the line input on the amplifier, and the tonearm leads and earth (if used) to the input socket and earth terminal of the Fono back panel.

• Input sensitivity = 3mV for 200mV output
• Input loading = 47KW in parallel with 100pF
• Maximum input level = 100mV
• Minimum output load impedance = 36.5dB
• Power requirements = 24VAC @ 110mA (Rega PS1)
• Frequency response (50KW load) = 17Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.2dB)
• RIAA accuracy (50KW load) = +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100KHz

Finishes available:
Silver satin metal finish
Black satin metal finish

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