Siltech Classic Anniversary 330i - 0.75 m

Siltech Classic Anniversary 330i  - 0.75 m

"These speaker cables and interconnects are shockingly good."...Doug Schneider - Soundstage

Siltech is a major worldwide cable manufacturer based in Holland producing a wide range of cables based on a mixture of copper, silver and gold. The more expensive cables have a greater proportion of gold and silver.

These are highly transparent cables with a full bodied sound. When combined with the right components, they contribute to deep soundstages.

There are three main grades, from the affordable Explorer range, through the popular Classic Anniversary range to the top Signature series.

Alloy: G7 silver-gold
Insulators: EPTFE Polyimide Air FEP E-Silicon
Construction: Dual Balanced Coaxial

SC006 RCA Connector Neutrik XLR Connector
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"All told, the 330s are reference-grade cables that have edged out all others I have on hand, even if they represent only the middle of Siltech’s line. Siltech may have better, more expensive cables, and I’d be interested to hear them, but I question if most people need more than the 330s provide. These speaker cables and interconnects are shockingly good."
Doug Schneider - Soundstage

Buying on the web: beware of lemons

Visit the Siltech website.

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