SRM Arezzo

SRM Arezzo

'Best Turntable Under £1000' - HiFi Choice
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The Arezzo has been designed to outperform any other turntable at anywhere near its price and has many unique features.
It is covered by SRM/TECH's 24 month comprehensive guarantee, so you can purchase the Arezzo with complete peace of mind - if you are not 100% happy with it, return it within seven days for a complete refund (less shipping). The turntables are designed for use with Rega manufactured tonearms only (RB250/251 and RB300/301) - please email if you require us to supply & fit a tonearm or cartridge.

The Arezzo features:

* Clear acrylic three-level plinth with three point isolation. Gold plated fittings, adjustable for level

* 3-point tonearm mounting system to accommodate Rega's new RB251/301 tonearms, with VTA adjustment in 1mm increments

* Low voltage synchronous motor fitted with adjustable thrust bearing, large motor vibration absorber and 'Duo-Drive' precision aluminium pulley

* Manual speed change twin belt drive system using factory matched precision drive belts

* Machined acrylic subplatter

* Very high quality extra length main bearing with tungsten carbide spindle, phosphor bronze bushes, PTFE spindle support pad and full length bearing damping rings

* Deluxe two-part black acrylic platter with tripod mounting system

* Newly developed Arezzo platter mat

* Off-board electrics housed in a separate motor control box

* Built in upgradability - the plinth is machined ready to accept SRM's 'Kinetic Drive' mod, consisting of a precision balanced flywheel / pulley assembly that sits next to the motor. The 'Duo-Drive' pulley has an extra groove at the bottom to drive this flywheel. The Kinetic Drive mod is simple to fit yourself.

The Arezzo has incredibly low wow and flutter, phenomenal dynamic range and inaudible rumble due to the integrity of the drive system and quality of the main bearing.
Physical specifications for the deck itself are 438w x 390d x 125h mm. Weight (with arm and cartridge fitted) approx 6kg.

Recommended Tonearm
Any Rega or Rega-clone 9" tonearm

By the way, the turntable is named after Guido of Arezzo, a Benedictine monk who in 1025 invented musical (staff) notation - the system we still use today.

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Demonstration by appointment - phone (03) 5628 4428

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