SRM/Tech Silent Base - Rega

SRM/Tech Silent Base - Rega

SRM/Tech’s Silent Base for Rega style turntables is available in jet black or crystal clear acrylic

The Silent Base will fit the following Rega manufactured decks:
1. Planar 2, Planar 3
2. P1, P2, P3
3. RP1, RP3
4. NAD 533 / C555
5. Goldring GR1, GR1.2, GR2
6. Moth Alamo

The Silent Base has been designed to give the deck a sprung suspension system providing better isolation from external disturbance, such as footfall and acoustic feedback. It also provides far better isolation from motor noise by housing the motor on the base as opposed to the turntable plinth. The rubber feet are removed from the original plinth, but the plinth itself is retained and rests on the suspension domes of the Silent Base.

The Silent Base is made from rigid 10mm extruded Acrylic with gold plated adjustable spikes. Acrylic is inherently non-resonant and is a superb material for a solid base. The Rega plinth is sprung from the base by three Sorbothane 'squidgy' suspension domes and the motor is attached to the base via a Motor Vibration Absorber (MVA). The spikes prevent unwanted energy getting through to the base and any that does get through is filtered out by the suspension domes. Motor noise and vibration can now only get into the plinth via the MVA and the suspension domes, as the motor has no physical contact at all with the plinth. The MVA and the Sorbothane suspension domes filter out motor noise exceptionally well - as can be verified by use of a stethoscope.

The motor can be adjusted for height and angle and there is a hole directly under the centre of the motor, so if you have SRM/Tech’s Motor Thrust Bearing fitted (you should!) this can be adjusted easily. The tonearm cut-out in the base is oversized in case you have a VTA adjuster fitted and has a machined hole for the tonearm lead retainer.

Improvements you will experience are dramatic:

• Solid tuneful bass
• pin-point soundstaging
• increased dynamics
• more low-level detail

…and a clarity over the whole frequency range that has to be heard to be believed.

Apart from the sound quality gains, the Silent Base also allows easy leveling of the deck and it really does look good. This is a nicely made product. Ok it's under the deck so you don't see it, but all the same - the edges are all polished and the spike bases are recessed into the Acrylic.

Fitting the Silent Base will not take more than half an hour and full step-by-step instructions are provided. There is no soldering or gluing involved.

Overall height of the deck is increased by approximately 21mm or 27mm if using the spike holders. This can be further increased by around 15mm by adjusting the spikes, so if you're using an arm which requires extra clearance under the plinth then the base is ideal for you.

• The picture above shows the Silent Base in clear / gold finish fitted to a Rega 3

NOTE: Motor, Rega turntable and Duo-Stage wall mount shown in the pictures are for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

“We just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the upgrade you carried out to our Rega Planar 3 - it has made an enormous difference to the sound system here at GuitaristTV; bass is authoritative, mids are warm and organic, and the top end is silky. The whole soundstage comes through with more immediacy and punch, and it has breathed new life into our guitarist back catalogue, even with the most difficult-to-produce material: Stratton's guitar playing in Iron Maiden's first album sounds more mournful and beautiful than ever, and Steve Vai and Satch seem to jump right out of the speakers. So thanks once again, and we look forward to doing business with you again sometime!” - P.C. (

“Very impressed, it has brought some real solidity and presence to the sound." - J.R. (UK)
“Many thanks for the prompt delivery. I have fitted the components in stages. The Silent Base, Acrylic Platter and Platter Damping Ring came first. I believe that the base alone makes the most substantial sonic improvement, whilst the subsequent components consolidate things. Superlatives could not describe the difference in sound. I believe that your products have pushed my turntable into the realms of the fabled "high end". Any turntable user who might be considering a substantial upgrading part of their hi-fi system should start by fitting as many of the appropriate SRM/TECH upgrades that they can afford. Considering the cost of a major upgrade, say of a pair of quality loudspeakers, your components must be a serious bargain. Many thanks. ” - B.S. (UK)
“Every bit as good as promised. Fabulous. " - C.R. (UK)
“I can't believe the difference this has made to my Rega 3. Bass is much 'firmer' and the amount of extra detail coming through is extraordinary. Let me know the minute your new twin belt drive mod is available - I want one! " - P.D. (UK)
“An excellent product………." - S.G. (UK)
“Pleased to find this kind of specialist gear avail so close to home.." - R.P. (AUST)
“Very impressed, it has brought some real solidity and presence to the sound." - J.R. (UK)

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