Transfiguration Axia-S Low Output MC Cartridge

Transfiguration Axia-S Low Output MC Cartridge

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"...the detail this cart was able to pull out of those wax grooves has been nothing sort of mind-blowing." - Positive Feedback Online.

Axia-S is Transfiguration's "entry model" that offers performance which is anything but, as it benefits from the technical achievements of their more expensive models. The intimate positioning of coil and magnet creates an unprecedented focus of the magnetic field, resulting in a coherence of the musical presentation that is different from all the others.

Those who place timing high on their list of priorities will recognise the importance of the ring-magnet construction. When a timing (or phase) shift occurs in the complex field of sine waves that combine to re-create the sounds of harmonically rich instruments, e.g. voices, echoes (hall sounds). The possibility arises that not only will the temporal puzzle that is music, not quite be put back together properly but also due to phase-shift, that varies with frequency, may also lead to tonal inaccuracies, contrary to the desire of many who consider it to be a priority. (This is often the case with an inductor and is one reason why Transfiguration cartridges constantly strive for a coil with as low an impedance as possible).

The cartridge has been deliberately and uncompromisingly designed as a top rate product. Mechanically it locates the cartridge on a plane, which provides least variation in tracking angle relative to tonearm movement.

But, as always, the magic is in the music. Human voices take on a you-are-there sense of reality that raises those goose bumps. The transparency of these cartridges extends from the deepest bass notes to the heights of inaudibility. More than ever, they are able to track the micro-dynamic ebb and flow of the music like no other cartridge. The result is a sense of musical anticipation and excitement one normally experiences only at the live event.

The Transfiguration Axia has astonishing midrange detail and is musical. Transfiguration's designer has stated that his reference is live, un-amplified acoustic music. He loves opera and understands that the biggest test for any system is large-scale symphonic and opera music. But if you want to listen to any type of music, Transfiguration cartridges will do that too, with ultimate midrange detail and finesse, tons of detail information, and loads of emotion to hook you and keep you listening.


• Body Aluminium, resonance controlled
• Cantilever 0.3 mm diameter boron
• Stylus Ogura PA (3 x 30 µm) solid diamond
• Magnet Samarium cobalt
• Weight 7 g
• Output 0.4 mV (3.54 cm/s, 1 kHz)
• Internal impedance 4 Ohms
• Recommended load > 4 Ohms
• Recommended tracking force 2.0 g
• Optimum working temp 23° C


" Simply among the finest cartridges I've heard at any price.” – Hi-Fi World

“So then you know how it goes, pull out this LP, that LP.... soon enough you've gone through 10 and the sun is down, your phone has several missed calls, your wife is knocking on your audio room door… you get the picture. We've all been there (if not, well maybe you need to invest into this cartridge). “ - Positive Feedback Online
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