Well Tempered Lab LTD Tonearm

Well Tempered Lab LTD Tonearm

The LTD Tonearm from Well Tempered Lab is now available for mounting on other manufacturers’ turntables.

“New music from your records”

This brilliant design is one of the major reasons why WTL’s turntables are among the most musical available at any price, and now you can hear it for yourself…on your own turntable.

While other tonearm designers spend significant amounts of money and time in a search for the perfect tonearm bearing, this concept simply eliminates the bearing from the equation.

The ease of mounting cartridges cannot be overstated either. Bolt the cartridge in, connect the arm wires, set tracking force and start playing records. No expensive protractors are necessary and there's no need to worry about the setup.

Designer, former aerospace engineer William Firebaugh tested more than twenty different cartridges in researching this geometry. Experience the musicality that flows from this brilliantly simple, friction-free Well Tempered design.
Your cartridge will get the ride of it's life!

• 9" and 10.5" versions available (same price)
• 10g effective mass
• adjustable silicone damping
• ‘on-the-fly’ adjustable azimuth
• hydraulic arm lift
• two counterweights included

"Firebaugh’s substitution of brains for money.... carries this design a very long way towards perfect." - Robert E Greene,The Absolute Sound, April 25 2009.

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Well Tempered Lab
$1,595.00 Our Price 
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