Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus - 1.0m / RCA or XLR

Purist Audio Design Aqueous Aureus - 1.0m / RCA or XLR

The Aqueous Aureus line of Interconnects is available in Single-Ended (RCA) and Balanced (XLR) configurations.

Technical Specifications
Design Goals: High Performance to Cost Ratio
Conductor: Stranded, Multi-Gauge Alloy
Metals: Copper & Gold
Shielding: Foil with Drain Wire
Dielectric: Santoprene
Dampening Material: Contego
Gauge (effective): 18 AWG
Single-Ended: 224 pF/m±15% (pin-to-shield)
Balanced: 148 pF/m±15% (pin-to-shield)
Resistance: Single-Ended: 13.6 mO/m (conductor)
Balanced: 17.0 mO/m (conductor)
Estimated Break-In Time: 200 Hours
Cable Diameter: Single-Ended: 1/2" OD (One Channel)
Balanced: 5/8" OD (One Channel)
Material Treatment: Triple (3x) Cryomag©

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