About Us

About us

GrooveWorks Australia Pty. Ltd.

Born in 2004, GROOVEWORKS AUSTRALIA is dedicated to the pursuit of high quality audio reproduction at a realistic price. Our aim is to provide affordable but highly effective sound enhancement products to the enthusiast.

The products we offer must be deemed to work - that is, they must be shown through critical review to possess attributes of quality, effectiveness and value.

In this modern world of price extremes it’s gratifying to find that “quality at a reasonable price” is not yet an oxymoron.

Products meeting our stringent criteria will be added to our range into the future as we endeavour to offer high quality audio products to like-minded music lovers.

We are proud Australian distributors of LAST, KNOSTI and SRM/TECH and Australian/New Zealand distributors for AUDIO INTELLIGENT VINYL SOLUTIONS, LISTENER SELECT and MINT.

Cheers and happy listening

Peter Griffin


GrooveWorks Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 308
Neerim South Victoria 3831

tel (03)5628 4428
fax (03)5628 4113

ABN 60 110 641 579

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