Marigo Ultima High Definition Signature Mat

Marigo Ultima High Definition Signature Mat

The Ultima Signature Mat model improvements are clearly audible.

Use with CD, SACD, CD-R, DVD,and Blu-ray discs.

The Ultima Signature Mat

- has improved bass articulation, slam and extension.

- has improved coherence, pace, rhythm and timing.

- has increased ambiance and low level detail retrieval.

- has improved high frequency linearity.

- has more holographic imaging.

- has improved proprietary coatings for superior static draining and EMI isolation.

- is remarkably thin at only 20% the thickness of a CD.

Three years in development, a powerful and proprietary new composite material has been crafted by Marigo Audio Lab using an embedded carbon nano-tube structure which dramatically reduces levels of disc vibration.

The Ultima Signature Mat incorporates unique hand laid-up polarizing filaments creating tremendously rapid vibrational energy decay and a new ultra-thin metallic coating which dissipates static build-up in real-time while the disc is spinning.

For maximum fidelity, a subtle but audible further sonic enhancement is achieved by orienting the Evolution Signature Mat in relation to the direction of the label on the disc being played.

Here are details on how this new aspect incorporated in the Ultima Signature Mat works:
The vibrational patterns on the top surface of the disc that build up during play are changed from a random to a polarized orientation by the effect of the linear geometry on the disc label. The additional sonic improvements from accurate orientation of the Ultima Signature Mat is directly caused by the highly efficient vibrational energy conversion to heat by the internal filaments in the Ultima Signature mat crossing perpendicular to those micro-vibrational patterns set up on the disc. This concept and procedure is a new experience. Marigo Audio created it.

It is easy for all to test the efficacy of this process simply by listening to the Ultima Signature Mat aligned or not aligned using any production disc. Hear what truly minimizing disc vibration can do for the music.

Additionally, the new Ultima Signature Mat is half the thickness of the earlier generation 3-D Signature v2 Mat. Our new materials technology and additional design advancements offer significantly upgraded performance over the 3-D Signature v2 Mat and the Evolution Signature Mat.

Our guarantee

The Ultima Signature Mat comes with an unconditional 30 day satisfaction or full product price refund guarantee.

Our warranty

This product carries an unconditional 5 years warranty to the original purchaser, covering ALL conditions, including damage, warping, and breakage.

Customer comments on the Ultima Signature Mat

I received the new Ultima Signature mat and listened to it in my system of all Audio Research Reference electronics and Magnepan speakers. Yes, it is an improvement over your previous generation (Evolution Signature Mat), and yes it does all of the things that you claim.

Compared to no mat at all the sonic improvements are so dramatic as to render the system a major notch up with it! The Ultima Signature mat is now an indispensable component in that system. Thank you for making me aware of your new mat.

Robert Cooper

I am in the process of evaluating your Ultima Signature Mat and it is sensational. All aspects of the listening experience have improved significantly, as though I have substituted a better DAC into my system (my DAC and Transport cost nearly £20.000) – Wow!!

David Braithwaite

I just received your new mat and I’ve got to say that this is easily a contender for Best Sound of the Year. Kudos to you and all of your efforts!!

Barry LeMaster

With the advent of your Ultima Signature mat, the difference is striking and immediate to the point music is soul-less without the Ultima Signature mat in situ!

James Fleming

Thanks so much, it sure makes a lot of difference, I noticed it right away. deeper bass and the wonderful open high end. What a great product. Also 2 channel sound is more 3 dimensional.

Thomas Hooper

I own and use an Accuphase DP-400 player and I really love it.

But Wow, the difference the Marigo Ultima Signature Mat makes is almost unbelievable.

It does all the things you promise at your website and then some.

The most important improvements that I experience are:

More openness,the image gets bigger, it’s much less canned.

More analog like.

More naturalness, the sound of real voices and instruments.

More fluidness.

Better imaging.

Much better high’s, they really sing.

Better bass, more delineated and lower.

Much more blackness and contrast.

More details and separation of instruments.

Less distortion and therefor more relaxation.

You made my already wonderful music experiences more lifelike. Thank you very much !!!

Jos Vossensteyn

You Mat does a wonderful job of unveiling even more musical purity.

The sound is now unbelievably “real” sounding.

Truly Awesome

David Draudt

I will get right to the point: the Ultima Signature mat is excellent. It makes an obvious improvement. The mat’s most identifiable trait is probably its “knack,” so to speak, in removing the veils. A clear, more discernible sonic tapestry is produced. There is more air and nuance, and it is obvious.

Glen Tortorella

Received the Ultima Signature mat yesterday. Placed the mat on a cd and pressed ‘Play’.

Having read only superlatives, also makes one’s mind work overtime, as to what kinds of improvement to expect.

The music is familiar, but the SOUND issuing forth belongs to another paradigm. Rather than resort to semantic pyrotechnics, all I’d like to admit is… I can’t understand why you even offer a 30 day return policy ?!!

I’m so proud I bought the mat.


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