Fosgate Signature V2 Phono Preamplifier

Fosgate Signature V2 Phono Preamplifier

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The Fosgate V2 is a warm, detailed, inviting phono preamplifier with great extension at both frequency extremes. It is an extraordinary imager, with depth and width comparable to units at much higher price points.

This design features all tube amplification and rectification with no solid-state devices in the signal path, switchable moving magnet/moving coil gain setting and variable loading settings from 100 to 100K ohms. The industrial design of the Fosgate V2 is clean and modern, using blue LED illumination for the tubes, yet also retro, proudly displaying its 7 tubes (with no cage) and real wood end caps.

42dB MM
60dB MC
Loading: 100, 300, 500, 1k, 47k, 100k (Selectable)
Tube compliment:
6DJ8 (V1 and V2) - 2 Tubes
12AX7 (V3 and V4) - 2 Tubes
12AT7 (V5 and V6) - 2 Tubes
12X4 - 1 Tube

Dimensions: 335mm W x 275mm D x 145mm H
Weight: 5kg

Review of Fosgate Signature

" the Fosgate one of the strongest performers available at the $2500 price point? It's certainly the best one I've heard thus far, and by a not-subtle margin - meaning the Fosgate will offer all the performance some listeners will ever need or want.
If you've wondered, as I sometimes have, if it is really worth the effort and cost to step up from a phonostage in the $1000 range to one at this higher level, the Fosgate provides great sounding answers that add up to a resounding, "Yes."
- Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, October 2010, Issue 206

TAS Recommended Component

"Few phonostages at any price do a better job of handling the often complex demands of music, delivering both delicate inner details and muscular dynamics on demand." - Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award 2011.

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