Voodoo Black Diamond Power Cord - 3ft

Voodoo Black Diamond  Power Cord - 3ft

Ultra-High Harmonic Resolution
Holographic Imaging
Precise Dynamic Control
Cryo-Alloy Conductors
Wattgate Audio-Grade Connectors

The Black Diamond represents a new era in power cord design, with ultra-high harmonic resolution, breathtaking imaging and transparence, and extremely accurate dynamic control. The Black Diamond is especially suitable for power amps and power conditioners, where an high capacitance, refined tonal balance and harmonic complexity are essential to produce a vivid soundstage, controlled dynamics and refined musical presentation .

The Black Diamond Powercord is built with the cryogenically treated gold-plated VooDoo PowerPhase IEC Connector and AC Plug. Each of the #8 AWG high-purity Cryo-AlloyTM conductors are wound in a proprietary geometric design. Each strand within the lay of the conductors is insulated with Teflon dielectric to suppress AC noise caused by micro-arcing within the individual strands of the conductors. For the purpose of suppressing electromagnetic interference each conductor is insulated with Teflon dielectric and wrapped in a secondary dielectric jacket of composite polyethylene to shield against invasive EMI. The power cord body is sheathed with double layers of abrasion resistant mesh sleeve for maximum durability and optimal flexibility.

All of the wire and connectors used to build the Black Diamond Dragon are cryogenically treated in our custom cold fusion deep-immersion process at -315 degrees Fahrenheit (-192 Celsius) to structurally align and fuse the metallurgical molecular structure of the conductive metals for optimal sonic performance. For a power cord recommendation for your system, please send us an email.

Optional Connector types available:
VooDoo PowerPhase 20 Amp IEC Connector (120/240v)
VooDoo PowerPhase Schuko AC Plug (240v)
Furutech British 13 Amp AC Plug(fused 240v)
Furutech Australian 3-Prong AC Plug (230v)
Neutrik Powercon Connector (120/240v)

Feature Option:
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