Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 0.5 Tonearm

Wilson Benesch A.C.T. 0.5 Tonearm

The award winning A.C.T. 0.5 Tonearm utilises Advanced Composite Technology to create the lightest, stiffest, most highly damped tube on the market with the exception of its sibling – the Nanotube Tonearm. A.C.T. affords the Tonearm design a quite remarkable effective mass of just 9g.

The A.C.T. 0.5 Tonearm is the finest example of Wilson Benesch’s single minded commitment to the analogue medium. The Tonearm offers perhaps the greatest value to performance ratio of any Wilson Benesch product.

Wilson Benesch was the first company in the world to produce a fully moulded, single component arm tube, in the shape of the original A.C.T. One Tonearm that was supplied with the much celebrated Wilson Benesch Turntable. Since then the design has seen a number of refinements, but like its predecessors the A.C.T. 0.5 Tonearm offers stiffness, damping and performance like no other design currently available.
Torsionally it is typically ten times stiffer than conventional arm tubes. It is three times stiffer in bending movements and an order of magnitude better at damping audio frequencies.

The A.C.T. 0.5 is a triumph of both materials technology and optimised geometric design. Carbon fibre is unquestionably fit for purpose as a material for acoustic engineering. The tonearm structure is formed from two contra rotating helixes of pure carbon fibre. This is laid up into a RTM tool to create a tapered geometric tube. The shape of the beam has been determined precisely by its function and physical limits, which has in turn been informed by the geometric forms found in nature. Some of the finest solutions in nature might be the a-helices in the very DNA that forms you or the tubular shape found within the tallest natural structures on the planet – trees. The design of these natural structures have been refined over millions of years evolution.

As a result, material use is exact and exists only where it is required. It should be noted that this is quite different from the mass produced straight carbon fibre tubes being used in other designs.

"The design of the arm and the chosen solutions are a true delight to behold… the precision machined parts allow for no tolerances at all. We are talking Formula One fit and finish here, Gentlemen. The arm bearing, called “Kinematic”, is really a kind of genius 'semi-unipivot' design, as one ball on the upper part comes into contact with no less than three in the lower part of the bearing. This maximises the potential for draining the dreaded vibrations."

- Trond Torgnesskar, Full Circle System Review, Fidelity Magazine, Norway

The performance of the carbon beam is matched by the equally effective and equally unique Kinematic bearing. The combined function of the bearing and counterbalance provides the ideal mechanism for a tonearm movement. The benefits of this technology for the end user are significant. All aspects of reproduction are improved as the cartridge is provided with the opportunity for the first time to do its job without being heavily influenced by the function of the system designed to support it.

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