LAST Tape Head Treatment

LAST Tape Head Treatment

LAST Tape Head Treatment improves the interface between tape heads, guides, and magnetic media. It reduces friction, tape stiction, and wear of guides and expensive tape heads

Tape motion is noticeably smoother, resulting in a measurable reduction in I.M. distortion. Frequency response is improved and dropouts are greatly reduced when tape heads and guides are treated with LAST Tape Head Treatment.

LAST Tape Head Treatment clings to the surface of heads and guides with incredible tenacity.

One application will last the entire length of the tape.

"This stuff is incredible! [Tape] copies are indistinguishable from the originals. Until your elixir was applied, recorded soundstage width and timbral accuracy did not quite measure up." Signature withheld.

"I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with the System 9 [LAST Head Treatment] product. I find a single application on the heads and guides of my Ampex 351 results in a very noticeable improvement in S/N and a smoother sound. Since the improvement is so noticeable, I have to assume it must be at least 6 db! Using System 9 has resulted in far less buildup between cleanings. I do a lot of on location professional recording work and this is great news! Keep up the good work"
Ralph Karsten, President, Atma-Shpere Music Systems.

"The change was astounding. The number of dropouts was reduced significantly and their intensity was cut dramatically. It lowered the severity of the problem so much, it became inaudible. We have continued to use LAST Head Treatment on our mastering deck to limit tape wear and improve the sound."
Gregg Mitchell, Sound World.

Last Tape Head Treatment:
1/4 oz. bottle with 4 applicators.

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