Musical Surroundings Linear Power Supply

Musical Surroundings Linear Power Supply

“…everything I've listened to through this combo with the Linear Power Supply in place has sounded better, quieter, more dynamic, more transparent, more musical.” - Tom Gibbs, Positive Feedback Online USA

Michael Yee’s continued research into power supply designs has resulted in our Linear Charging Power Supply (LCPS). It was originally designed as a “no holds barred” power supply for charging the battery packs of our flagship Super Nova III phono stage. It is a “Classic Analog Power Supply” that uses a 50/60 Hz transformer, large storage capacitors, and low noise linear Voltage Regulators, all designed to achieve the goal of reducing noise for the best sound from an Audiophile Turntable System.

When used to power the Phonomena 2, Phonomena 2+, and Nova III phono stages, the LCPS will dramatically improve their sound by providing cleaner power and eliminating the noise from a Digital Switching Power Supply. This switching noise is higher in frequency than the audio signals and can modulate the actual audio signal. The Power Supply Voltages may also have the switching noise on them. A Digital Power Supply also radiates via Magnetic Field Emissions that can be transmitted to other components in the Audio System.

The LCPS uses a Tamura Transformer to convert the line voltage to a usable voltage for the Musical Surroundings Solid State Preamps. Tamura Transformers are very well known for use in Tube Amplifiers, Tube Power Supplies and other audio circuits.

Large filter capacitors and rectifiers are part of a noise reduction circuit before Ultra Low Noise, Low Dropout, Precision Voltage Regulators (Linear Technologies LT1965, LT3015). A Single Supply Connection (+22.5V) is supplied for Phonomena II, Phonomena II+, and Nova III. A multi-pin Split Supply Connection (+/-11.25V) is supplied for the Super Nova III and future designs.

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“Musical Surroundings' optional Linear Charging Power Supply brought more consistently good sound to the treble range and allowed "voices, violins, and electric guitars [to sound] more vibrant and lifelike," and more corporeal overall.” - Herb Reichert, Stereophile USA

Read the Instruction Manual here.

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