Listener Select 10'' Record Cleaning Brush

Listener Select 10'' Record Cleaning Brush

For use with record cleaning fluids.

10 Inch Records - 68mm effective cleaning width

Manufacturer's description:
Our continuing research into record cleaning has proven that hard scrubbing of the record is detrimental to the record cleaning process. We also learned along the way that, for the most part, the brushes on the market were, in many cases, harboring microbial growth that could be transferred to a record during the cleaning process. Some record cleaning brushes, while great at “sweeping” up semi-dissolved contaminants, weren’t very easy to have those contaminants rinsed off. This can lead to transfer of the contaminants from one record to another.

These discoveries changed our course. We had learned from our testing that the primary job of the record cleaning brush should be to thoroughly spread the record cleaning fluid over the record’s surface without difficulty, and to be resistant to microbial growth and easy to rinse clean.

We also learned through testing that our brush has one other inherent record cleaning benefit. Sometimes non-soluble contaminants find their way into the record grooves and can become trapped there. Many times these are microscopic-sized chips that end up on the record during the manufacturing process. These can be heard as loud pops and clicks, and as crackling. Wet cleaning is generally not effective in removing this debris.

Listener Select Record Cleaning Brushes come in sizes for 7, 10, and 12 inch records.
We learned that by placing the record on a firm surface or on a record cleaning machine platter with the power turned off, using record cleaning fluid as a lubricant, and using a back and forth brushing motion along the grooves with the brush can be effective in removing this debris. The record should be brushed in several strokes over a small section of the record at a time, using only moderate force. As these contaminant particles are loosened, the record cleaning fluid will help suspend them, making them more easily wiped or vacuumed from the record.

The Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush is manufactured with a handcrafted, solid American cherry handle, which is heat embossed with the Osage logo. The extruded nylon bristles are hand set into the handle using epoxy. These bristles are resistant to microbial growth and are easily rinsed. Their small diameter and soft hand help prevent over-vigorous scrubbing of the record, while still retaining the ability to lift out non-soluble debris.

Unlike fabric pad brushes, the Listener Select Record Cleaning Brush will last for thousands and thousands of cleaning cycles, not hundreds. This means lower cost per cleaning cycle.

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