AIVS Enzymatic Formula 1000ml

AIVS Enzymatic Formula 1000ml

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This is the first step in all AIVS multi-step cleaning options.

Designed to loosen and dissolve a wide range of contaminants, including protein-based, organic, and release compounds, the Enzymatic Formula requires follow up cleaning with either the Super Cleaner Formula or the Premium Archivist Formula for a thoroughly clean record. Used as an initial cleaner or a soak, the Enzymatic Formula is most effective when the record's surface is completely coated with a film of the product and light brushing and agitation of the product is performed. Using this method for several minutes allows time for the enzyme compounds to loosen and dissolve the contaminants present on the record.
For extremely dirty records, and records that have release compounds present, we suggest either repeating the cleaning process or allowing the Enzymatic Formula to soak on the record for an extended period of time. This product is available in 500ml and 1 litre sizes and can also be purchased in money-saving kits.

» Vinyl safe
» Shellac safe

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