AIVS Premium Record Cleaner Formula No 15 1000ml

AIVS Premium Record Cleaner Formula No 15   1000ml

For tough record cleaning jobs...
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A complex blend of enzymatic cleaning agents and lab-grade surfactants, Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15 can be used before either the AIVS 3-step cleaning system or the Premium One-Step Formula No. 6 for really tough cleaning jobs.

Premium Record Cleaner Formula No. 15 should never be used alone, but we have found that it makes a very good cleaning system when paired with the Ultra-Pure Water product.

This combination yields results that are comparable to the 3-step record cleaning system with less work and less cost.

Offered here in a money saving 1 litre size.

"I have been startled by the effectiveness of the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions No. 15 record cleaning solution...In fact, the magnitute of the improvement wrought by cleaning with this solution is greater than most of the major component upgrades my many customers make to their systems (eg preamp, power amp, even speakers.) This is amazing - I have substituted components in systems and not obtained this level of improvement!
It irks me a bit to find that after more than 50 years of listening to LP's I am only now hearing them for what they are!"
- Mike Kontor, NotePerfect Speakers.

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