AMG Teatro Titanium Body MC Cartridge

AMG Teatro Titanium Body MC Cartridge

Created by the AMG team, the special 2 piece titanium body provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio and is dimensioned to minimize resonance and reflected energy.

The internal construction is radiused and includes a fixture for rigid mounting of the MC generator. The generator is an extremely efficient electro-mechanical design, using separate coils for each channel for increased channel separation. The coils are wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets are combined with a special soft magnetic alloy yoke consisting of cobalt and iron to produce an output of .4mV at 5cm/sec. Coil impedance is 12 ohms allowing the use of many phono stages and step- up devices.

A solid boron cantilever with a diameter of .26mm is fitted with a line contact stylus (40 x 7µm) and the dynamic compliance is 18 x 10-6 cm/dyne for enhanced tracking. The Tiodize Type III titanium body is tapped for 2.5mm mounting screws and the output pins are also PC-OCC (Pure Copper Ohno Continuous Casting).

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