Blue Horizon Clean-IT Contact Cleaner

Blue Horizon Clean-IT Contact Cleaner

In high-end audio, it is vital to maintain the integrity of the signal by making the best-possible connection between components. By simply removing oxidation and contaminants from cable connectors, sonic performance is significantly improved.


- Cleans all contaminants between on sockets and connectors used in your audio system
- Safe to use on all metal surfaces
- Stabilizes similar and dissimilar metals to guarantee best possible contact and signal transfer
- Applicator brush, and cleaning cloth supplied


Clean-IT is an electrical contact enhancer that has been specially developed for use with audio and AV equipment. It features a fast-acting deoxidizing solution that cleans, conditions, lubricates and preserves, improving the conductivity of all metal connectors and contacts.

Clean-IT is recommended for use on all surfaces that are susceptible to oxidation or corrosion. Even brand-new hi-fi and home cinema components benefit from their contacts being cleaned, as the connectors are often machined using silicon oil, which is left to dry on after the manufacturing process – this has a degrading effect on conductivity.

Clean-IT outperforms ordinary contact cleaners due to its unique formulation, which has been specially developed for audio use. Clean-IT boosts the performance and reliability of all audio and AV equipment, improving conductivity and thereby reducing noise, interference and distortion, leading to greater definition and improved dynamics. Clean-IT is suitable for use on all metals that are used to make electrical connections, including gold, silver, rhodium, copper and nickel.


Using the applicator, brush Clean-IT onto every metal contact surface that is used to make an electrical connection between a cable and an audio component – that includes RCA phono connectors, speaker cable pins, spades and binding posts, headphone jacks and so on.

This may sound like overkill, but it is important to remember that all electrical connections are inherently imperfect; the connectors are machined apart and therefore will never fit exactly, a situation exacerbated by contaminants resulting from the manufacturing process. Using Clean-IT ensures that the junction between the two contact surfaces presents no barrier to electron flow and signal integrity, thereby delivering a clean and consistent path for audio signals, which in turn enhances your system’s sonic performance.


“Highly recommended” Hi-Fi World, December 2009

“A hi-fi cable cleaner with results that need to be heard to be believed”
"We also did some measurements which suggested contact resistance was halved."
"An inexpensive and quick tweak, which does just what it claims to."

HiFi Choice Issue 341 - 5-Star Verdict, and Hi-Fi Choice Recommended badge

Blue Horizon
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