Furutech ASB-2 ION Antistatic Brush with built-in Ioniser

Furutech ASB-2 ION Antistatic Brush with built-in Ioniser

NEW! The ASB-2 ion is a revolutionary static eliminating brush incorporating the world's only core-and-sheath composite conductive acrylic fibre “COREBRID TMB” developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.

The ASB-2 ion deals a double blow to static with its dual static removal process: first, through corona discharge and second, a flow of static eliminating ions, allowing you to enjoy improved sound and image reproduction from your disc media (LPs, CDs, and Blu-ray discs). This revolutionary product solves in a simple brush and a pull of the lever the problem of electrostatic noise deteriorating sound and image quality.

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-Incredibly compact in size for an ion generator
-Battery-free design: no power source required
-Optimized brush design for analog records
-Safe for use on sensitive equipment and componentry

Most antistatic brushes remove static electricity through corona discharge. However, brushing disc media to remove dust can often generate new floating static fields. The ASB-2 ion solves this problem with a final static eliminating punch – a built-in ionizer emitting a flow positive and negative ion, eliminating any static generated while brushing your disc media. The ASB-2’s built-in ionizer sends a flow of positive ions from the top of the brush handle when the lever is pressed and negative ions when the lever is released. The ASB-2 ion requires no batteries and can be used over and over again. The ASB-2 ion generates its own voltage with a piezoelectric element, eliminating static potential difference with a flow of positive and negative ions from a single lever operation.

Optimized Brush Design

Core-bridged TMB is an extremely thin short fibre with an outer diameter of only about 30µm. The bristles are thinner and more delicate than hair with a 50% mix of natural wool used to give the bristles more body. The bristles of the ASB-2 ion have been designed to penetrate deep into the grooves of analogue records to remove hard-to-get-to dust.


-Analogue records (LPs)
-Optical disc (CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc, etc.)
-Projector Screens
-Camera Lenses
-Other static charged devices/parts

How to use the brush

Place the brush on the surface of the object to be treated with your hand touching the metal part that binds the brush (your body will act as ground). Static electricity will be neutralized through a Corona Discharge process. Brushing slowly and evenly will prevent new electrostatic fields from forming. If you are removing dust from analog records and other disc media, it is recommended to use the ionizer function after brushing.

How to use the ionizer

The Ionizer should be used after brushing. Turn the ASB 2 ion upside down and bring the Ionizer’s flow port directly above (about 1 5 ~20 cms) the LP or di sc media . Press the metal lever on the handle to generate positive ions and release it to generate negative ions. Perform the same operation in three or four different places on the surface of the disc If the surface of the disc is free of dust use the ionizer alone to remove static without brushing.


A SB 2 ion ’s hybrid fibers are formed of COREBRID ™ B and natural wool. While these fibers are durable, they are exceptionally fine, and unreasonably excess force during used could damage the fibers. Heavy downward force or shock could also damage the ASB 2 ion

It is possible to wash the brush, however, take care not to entangle the fibers and do not use detergent s or bleaches. RINSE WITH FRESH WATER ONLY. After washing, dry in a shaded, well ventilated area.

Do not allow the fibers to come in to contact with a high temperature surface . Heat damage to the fiber tips will have a negative effect on performance.

Warning: There have been cases of counterfeit versions of this product being sold on eBay, Amazon and other platforms. To ensure that you're buying the genuine product, purchase only from an authorized Furutech dealer.

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