LAST Record Preservative

LAST Record Preservative

Completely Prevent Record Wear.

LAST Record Preservative has been universally applauded by the super-critical reviewers and editors of audio publications.

LAST Preservative
New records treated with LAST Record Preservative and kept clean can be played 100s of times without discernible wear, allowing them to be in pristine condition for future generations.

LAST Record Preservative chemically enhances the molecular stability, and therefore the cohesiveness of the groove surface so that it completely resists the damaging effects of stylus shock waves.

The 30-second treatment affects the vinyl to a depth of about ten molecular layers and becomes part of the groove wall. There are no surface residues that can be picked up by the stylus. In fact, overuse is harmless.


Numerous writers have made the point that LAST Record Preservative produces audible benefits far beyond its original purpose as a preservative...

Stereophile Recommended Components - "Volume 25, October 2002 " Volume 24, October 2001 " Volume 23, October 2000 " Volume 22, October 1999 " Volume 21, October 1998

Greg Weaver, August 1999 Soundstage Magazine:
"As to the preservation capabilities of the Record Preservative, I can only speculate as I have no microscopes to examine the grooves of my records. But sonically it seems to offer much the same type of improvement as the Stylus Treatment, but more of it. Midrange voices seem more pure and have more body; they are more truthful to the original voice and offer greater detail. Focus is a good bit sharper and with more detail uncovered, especially near the noise floor. Again, the microdynamic nature of the music is improved as are the separation and delineation of objects throughout the soundstage. Surface noise is again greatly reduced, much more so here than with the Stylus Treatment alone. This stuff is smooth!
The winning combination here is the use of a record treated with the Preservative, tracked by a stylus treated with the Treatment. The combined enhancement of the two products on the sonic performance is quite desirable. And given that they are both purported to extend the life of both stylus and record, what's not to like?"

Stereophile Recommended Component Class A, 10/96; p. 141, review Vol. 5 #3.
"Significantly improves the sound of even new records, and is claimed to make them last longer; 2 oz contains 60 treatments."

Michael Fremer, Spring 1994, The Absolute Sound Magazine:
"While I am on the subject, let me enthusiastically recommend the LAST products. Now that records are rarities, preservation is more important than ever. The LAST products work, and they improve the sound too. This was all covered years ago in TAS. Tam Henderson reviewed LAST enthusiastically in Issue 20 and Dave Wilson verified the improvements from Stylast by measurements in Issue 32. It's still true, and the LAST people are still here. These are indispensable products for the vinyl listener."
LAST Record Preservative:
2 oz bottle with 2 applicators.

Number of effective operations per bottle when used per instructions:
0.3 ml / operation = 180 record sides ( 90 LP records).

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