LAST Stylus Cleaner

LAST Stylus Cleaner

LAST Stylus Cleaner removes even the toughest deposits, preventing stylus and record groove damage
- protecting your records from abrasion damage caused by dirt that has adhered to the stylus tip.

LAST Stylus Cleaner...
- Completely cleans the stylus
- Reduces noise and distortion
- Removes accumulated deposits and particles
- Completely safe for all cartridge assemblies

Michael Fremer, July 24 1992, Goldmine Magazine
'LAST makes the most effective stylus cleaner. You should clean the stylus with it every time you change the side of the record, using the built in brush.'

LAST Stylus Cleaner:
1/4 oz. bottle Stylus Cleaner (with brush in cap)
Number of effective operations per bottle when used per instructions:
2 - 3 years / bottle typical.

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