Miyajima Lab Shilabe Stereo Cartridge

Miyajima Lab Shilabe Stereo Cartridge

Shilabe is the best model of the cross ring method.
The African blackwood of the main body is traditionally used to manufacture the clarinet and the oboe. It has a beautiful lustre.

Maker: Miyajima-Laboratory
Product: name Stereo cartridge -Shilabe-
Impedance: About 16 ohms (About 0.23mV output)
Frequency range: (-3dB) 20 Hz to 32 kHz
Tracking force: 3.0 g
Stylus Shape: Shibata (diamond needle)
Compliance: (10Hz) around 8×10-6cm/dyne
Appropriate temperature: 20-30 Celsius (most suitable 25 C)
68-86 Fahrenheit (most suitable 77 F)
Weight: about 9.7g
Body: African Blackwood

A word of explanation of the Cross Ring method from its designer...

"The cross ring method broke off the fault of the phono- cartridge.

It merges the center point of the coil of right and left by letting the coil of right and left cross. The ability to regenerate of the LP improved drastically by making the center point the fulcrum. I was able to cancel the most of the cause of the conventional big distortion.

There were two big problems in a conventional phono- cartridge.
The conventional phono- cartridge installs a square iron core to a cantilever and winds up a coil to the iron core.
And it installs a wire in the center of the iron core.
And it is fixed through a rubber damper in York.
Therefore the movement point is located in a rubber damper in the outside of the coil.
There is the cross-shaped thing to the iron core, too.

Those methods become the electricity generating system of the magnetic induction type that they used a core of the iron for so that movement point is separated from a coil.
Therefore the piece of iron put in a magnetic field is strongly attracted to a magnet, and it is not thought that it is possible for free, correct movement.
In addition, the movement point is vague because a wire is a bending part.
The vague fulcrum cannot convey the movement of the tip to a coil precisely.
I can predict such a thing at a point in time to design the structure.

A cross ring method was devised.

The cross ring method broke off the big fault of the conventional phono- cartridge.
The cross ring method synchronizes the center point of the coil of right and left and enables correct reproduction by assuming the center point a clear movement point.
In addition, I can change an iron core into resin because a movement point is located in a coil.
It lost the influence of the magnetic force again lightly and enabled correct movement by freedom.

The cross ring method had splendid ability.
I felt speed first. And it is a natural sound.
There is not the unnecessary incidental sound. It is a good sound of the separation.
Thought and the feelings of the musician were felt in music, and there was realistic charm in the tone of the musical instrument, and the voice was warm and felt vitality.
I was convinced that a cross ring method was different from a conventional cartridge greatly.

It is a patent of the Miya-jima laboratory to prepare the clear fulcrum into the center point of the coil and the center point of the magnet.
I introduce the one of the patents of the MC stereo cartridge, a cross ring method here.

It was before seven years that a cross ring was completed theoretically, but many efforts were necessary to become the product.
I made the main body with wood to maintain a splendid sound. The idea gets a better result."

A figure of structure of the conventional stereo cartridge

A figure of structure of the cartridge of the cross ring method

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