Purist Audio Design Musaeus Loudspeaker Cable - 1.5m pair

Purist Audio Design Musaeus Loudspeaker Cable - 1.5m pair

The Musaeus line is available in standard speaker cable and a true bi-wire.
They come standard with PAD’s custom 8mm spades that have a longer prong to better fit on binding posts.

To determine the right and left channels, the cable with black shrink on the connectors is left, and the cable with red shrink on the connectors is right.

All Musaeus cables come packaged in a handsome soft case.

Technical Specifications

Design Goals: Low Noise & High Performance
Conductor: Stranded, Multi-Gauge Alloy
Metals: Copper & Silver
Shielding: FEROX ®
Dielectric: Teflon©
Gauge (effective): 10 AWG
Estimated Break-In Time: 120 Hours
Cable Diameter: Speaker: 3/4 " OD (One Channel)
Bi-Wire: 3/4 " OD (One Channel)
Material Treatment: Triple (3x) Cryomag©

"In summary, Purist Audio Design's Musaeus cables were extremely quiet, detailed without the slightest hint of peakiness, and ultra-smooth, with a robust, weighty low end and realistic dynamics. Their quietness produced unusually precise soundstaging. They made listening to music more enjoyable, and (cliché alert) frequently kept me up listening to music way past my bedtime. The Musaeus cables are superb, and are highly recommended. I've never heard my system sound better, or even as good. And remember, these are Purist Audio's economy cables. I can't imagine how anyone could make a cable that sounds significantly better." - Vade Forester, Positive Feedback Online.
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"I can’t imagine how someone may not like this Purist Audio’s sonority."- Fernando Andrette
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