Solid Tech Discs Of Silence

Solid Tech Discs Of Silence

Highly effective component isolators from Sweden

By using an effective isolation medium and a small and stable physical body that supports the apparatus, even the negative influence from airborne vibrations (music) and internal vibrations of the apparatus are reduced.

The criteria employed was to use an isolation medium that is as effective as possible, as close as possible to the apparatus, in order to avoid propagation of frame borne vibrations and resonances into the apparatus.

A set of three discs can handle a load of 15kg to 35 kg, or up to 70 kg with all tension springs mounted.
A set of 4 discs is also available, allowing a load up to 90 kg.

The adjusting screw allows levelling of apparatus with uneven weight distribution. The cork covered adjustment screw permits a secure and scratchproof contact surface with the apparatus, and further reduces resonances and vibrations.

The centre hub is suspended and isolated from the outer aluminium cylinder trough by three or six tensions springs, depending on the desired weight that is placed on the Disc. The resonant frequency of the tension springs is about 5 Hz at normal load, which means that the effective isolation starts at about 8 Hz.

Pack of 3 Discs Of Silence Isolators

Weight Capacity: 15-35kg
Optional Extra: Set of 9 springs (gives up to 70kg capacity) - $39.00

Pack of 4 Discs Of Silence Isolators
Weight Capacity: 20-45kg
Optional Extra: Set of 12 springs (gives up to 90kg capacity) - $55.00

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