Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2

Stillpoints Ultra LP Isolator V2

The Stillpoints LP Isolator is a record weight that slips over the spindle of your turntable and rests on the label portion of the record to absorb the micro-vibrations that can interfere with the stylus/record contact. The dissipation of these vibrations makes the analogue musical reproduction much clearer, cleaner more delicate, more open and more life-like.

Based on the technology that made the Stillpoints Cones and Stillpoints Ultras the most effective isloation devices around, the LP Isolator is an incredibly effective record weight with massive audible benefits.

Height: 19mm
Diameter: 76mm
Weight: 725 grams

"The Stillpoints LPI immediately imposes a sense of balanced calm on proceedings: the band step away from the speakers, the recording becomes a single, coherent entity, while the stereo perspective becomes much more natural, especially in terms of height. The drum kit solidifies into a single compact unit, rather than having elements scattered across the soundstage, the chiming guitars are both better separated and more insistent. But most telling of all is the drop in apparent volume; the music doesn’t seem so loud because so much hash and noise has been stripped away...I’ve found no music that fails to benefit from the LPI and it has become an essential piece of the turntable setup."
– Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat, July 2012

The LPI V2 is suitable for both Short Spindle or Long Spindle turntables.

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